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Handpicked Navajo Tea from Cove, Arizona By Kamia of Nizhóní Soaps! The Tea has a Mild Taste and is Aromatic. There are 2 Dried and prepared  bundles in each Glass Container ❤️ 

Tea Preparation: Add one bundle to 10 cups of water and boil for for 4-7 Minutes. You can reuse bundle at least two or four times. Sweeten as desired. Enjoy hot or cold.

About Navajo Tea:

Enjoyed hot or iced, Navajo tea is known for its earthy, mild flavor, which some choose to sweeten by adding sugar or honey. The Navajo have used Navajo Tea medicinally for centuries, turning to the brew to alleviate joint pain, calm upset stomachs, and promote healthy kidney function.

Navajo Tea Bundle by Kamia (2 bundles)

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