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Nizhóní Soaps is Excited to Release our Line of Chi'shie Oils! In the Navajo language, Chi’shie is a funny term that means “to be ashy and dirty". We Generally use it for really Ashy Elbows or Knees. We made these Oils to Eliminate Chi’shie from your life. 


Helps seal in moisture after bathing or during massage with an aromatic, nourishing oil for your body!  Contains Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Olive Oil and Castor Oils. We infused this Chi'shie oil with Handpicked Navajo Sage, Eucalyptus Flakes and Wild Roses!

• helps relieve dryness by restoring moisture
• leaves skin feeling soft and supple
• Uplifting aroma with Pure Essential Eucalytpus Oils Added!

Navajo Sage and Wild Rose Chi’shie Oil w/Eucalyptus

Out of Stock
  • 2oz Glass Bottle

    Cruelty Free,


    100% RECYCLABLE Glass Bottles

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