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All New Nizhóní Oil Rollers by Nizhóní Soaps!!


Our Handmade Oil Rollers Currently Come in Three All Natural Blends: Lavender , Peppermint AND Eucalyptus


  • High Purity Oil Blends: 100% pure derivatives from plant sources, non-GMO natural essential oil without any chemicals additives. Our Blend is comfortable not overpowering


Vessel: Portable Massage Oil Bottle Clear Inner with Stainless Steel Roller Ball, Eco-friendly Travel Size!


Carrier OILS: Sweet Almond Oil, Infused Herbs


Size: 5ML


Nizhóní Oil Rollers

    • Technique Massage: Wash your hands and apply a proper amount of essential oil to your palms. Rub your hands to get hot, then apply gentle pressure to the relevant area. Repeat rubbing and pressing 3-5 times.


    • How to Use: External use only. Infused with natural carrier oils, apply directly to skin without dilution. Suitable for wrist, chest, temples, palms and soles of feet, behind ears. Small size and easy to carry


    • Scented Gift Ideas: Our essential oil blends set is suitable as a gift for health conscious people on different occasions. Premium present for Valentines Day, Anniversary, Housewarming, Christmas or Birthday etc.
  • Sweet Almond Oil, Handpicked Herbs, Pure Essential Oil

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